Saturday, April 21, 2012

Giant Blocks of Frozen Spinach and German Pickup Lines.

That awkward moment when...

German (Drunk) Pickup Line # 1: You should dance with me.  You see, I`m tall.  And you´re tall.  Look how tall I am.  Don´t you think you should dance with me?

Snowboarding # 1: The first thing I learnt when my friends tried to teach me the ways of snowboarding was to never unstrap my shoes without holding onto the board.  The first thing I did when attemping to conquer the slopes on my own (with Hannah) was not do this.  However, as the board disappears down the slope, heading towards to the t-bars, I found out I can run quite fast in snowboard boots, Hannah can snowboard quite fast, and random friend can ski very fast to stop the snowboard from causing impending and certain doom to the t-bar patrons. 

Indian Food # 1:  In Zürich last week, Lia and I were quite excited to try out a new South Indian Restaurant she had heard about.  Hello Dosas!  After waiting 1 1/2 hours (apparently it takes a long time to heat up the Dosa hot plate?) let´s just say we won´t be going back there again....

German (Drunk) Pickup Line # 2:  (I´m sitting on tram, minding me own business, when from behind, a hand is right in front of my face, holding an iPhone).  Which baby do you think I am?  (I focus from him back to the iPhone, which is showing a photo of two babies, one boy and one girl).  (I´m confused, and I need a moment to process the German).  I don´t know?
The girl.  I am the baby that looks like a girl.  (He then proceeded (I think! - it´s all German to me!) to blame his mother for dressing him wrongly as a child, and the effects that had on him.  However, he then conceeded that he was a rather good looking child, and would go on to produce good looking children.  A proposition?  I´m not sure...but I was glad when he stopped showing me his other photos of his childhood when he arrived at his stop!).

Snowboarding # 2: A random lady on one? ski ran into me when Hannah and I were recovering from the previous snowboard incident.  I would like to know, where is her other ski?? Both of us lying on the ground quite close to each other, she simply said ´Guten Tag´(Good Day) and went off on her one ski.

Indian Food # 2:  I dragged Rohana along to a South Indian Restaurant here in Münich. Let me just say yum, and it took them only 10 minutes to cook a Dosa.  However, when he asked us if we would like anything else, Rohana said, ´Nein, Ich bin voll.´ You may think this means ´I am full´or ´I have had enough.´ However, actually it means ´I am completely drunk.´ Our waiter walked away with a smirk on his face....

...and things that made me laugh (Just so you don´t think I am an awkard person, experiencing awkard moments all the time...):

Maggie came to visit and we went to Regensburg for the day.  It is a gorgeous town, having survived the war intact, and best of all, the sun came out for the first time in a week!  However, you should know, if you visit the (awe-inspiring) cathedral, suspicious looking men in hats are not allowed.


I decided to have some spinach with dinner tonight, because I found frozen cream spinach in Aldi last week.  Yum!  I was pretty happy about this Switzerland you can buy the same stuff in little cubes, so you can just use as much or as little as you want.  I´m not sure what I was supposed to do with the frozen solid giant-sized block my Aldi spinach was, but it did make me laugh.


...and I´m quite excited because I booked a flight to Russia this week!  Moscow and St. Petersburg.  There is a small chord of fear that is ringing somewhat insistantly inside of me, remembering my last experience of trying to get a visa whilst outside of Aus.  It´s on the to-do list for this week!
Also on the to-do list for this week...Go to Budapest!