Thursday, March 24, 2011

Malaysia. A story mostly about food.

I didn't know before I went to Malaysia, that the entire country is crazy about food. Really and truly. I thought I ate a lot in India, however, I was wrong.

From giant jackfruit...

To giant strawberries...
To my liebling food, DOSAI...To blue rice (actually REALLY yum!)

To I have no idea what this was called, but doesn't Jas look happy? Too much happy?
Because Malaysia is quite in the "middle" of a whole bunch of other countries, there's a huge influence of lots of other culture's foods which is quite fun.
I feel like we spent the whole week eating. Is this possible? Cheers to jackfruit and dosai and waffles and bubble tea and murtabaks and blue rice and coffee and tea in the same drink!!

5 Reasons to GO[a] to India

(What happened after the Camp) (Mostly in Goa)

We arrived back from the camp in dire need of a shower or five and grateful for the warmer weather. While it was a massive effort to trek out of Avalanche, I would go 10x as far because it was simply so beautiful.

#1 - If you go to India, you can wear a saree. I would like to take this moment to tell you it's not as comfortable as it looks. It doesn't look comfortable, you say? That's cos IT'S NOT!
Much respect to the women who wear this every day, with all the day-to-day tasks. I guess you get used to it....but much respect anyway.
However, it was rather fun to wear it for a day (for the wedding).

#2 - If you go to India, you can meet an elephant. This one (Ellie) smiled at me. Not even kidding. Ellie also took me for a ride, and when I paid [the man sitting on top of Ellie] Ellie took the money in his trunk and passed it up. I hope they split it 50/50.

#3 - If you go to India, you can jump extra high. People will try and jump into your photo though, so beware.

#4 - If you go to India, you can stay in these amazing huts right on the beach! For as cheap as a cheap hut right on the beach in India. Not even kidding. The one of the left was ours. You might be surprised to know that the bright orange colour lulls you off to sleep at night.

#5 - If you go to India, you can take your friends. Probably, you won't have as fun friends as mine, but try anyway. They absolutely totally make it the best time ever!