Monday, June 25, 2012

After sitting in cafes almost full time writing all of my semester papers for the past month , getting high from the coffee fumes, I´ve come to a few realizations about Germans and their coffee drinking habits.

1.    They don’t really do coffee shops.  It is slowly dawning on me how strong the coffee culture in Australia is, and how much I love it.  Sometimes I will be sitting at peak times here in a LARGE CITY and there will be nobody else in here.   There’s FREE WIFI PEOPLE!

2.    Germans drink their HOT coffee through straws.  It’s weird.  But apparently it’s better for your teeth?

3.    There will be a room full of comfy couches available for you to sit at and you will sit next to me and cause me to rearrange my study materials. Why?  See the other free couch...and that one?  And the other one? And the one next to that?....

4.    I like long blacks.  This has been forced upon me due to the [mostly] lack of lactose free or soy milk available. 

5.    I will greet you in German.  I will order my coffee in German.  You will answer me in English.  I will answer you in German and you will continue to speak to me in English. WHY?  Why won’t you let me practice my German?

6.    I have an honest face.  Why else would people sitting across the room ask me to watch their belongings whilst they visit the bathroom.  How do they know I´m not going to steal their Mac?  Sometimes I think about it....I don´t think my face should not look so honest.