Thursday, March 24, 2011

Malaysia. A story mostly about food.

I didn't know before I went to Malaysia, that the entire country is crazy about food. Really and truly. I thought I ate a lot in India, however, I was wrong.

From giant jackfruit...

To giant strawberries...
To my liebling food, DOSAI...To blue rice (actually REALLY yum!)

To I have no idea what this was called, but doesn't Jas look happy? Too much happy?
Because Malaysia is quite in the "middle" of a whole bunch of other countries, there's a huge influence of lots of other culture's foods which is quite fun.
I feel like we spent the whole week eating. Is this possible? Cheers to jackfruit and dosai and waffles and bubble tea and murtabaks and blue rice and coffee and tea in the same drink!!

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  1. Aaah Kylie - treasure, petal - I finally discovered your little secret blog. I'm not sure how I managed to miss it (considering I am a follower - go figure) but I am too much happy now that I have found it. I love your little lion/tiger friend and wish that I could be in his musical!! I too love Indgrish - heh heh - clean toilets in the backside - that will make me snigger for days yet!!
    Thanks for letting me go off and explore India through you. You are too good to an old, suburban ex-traveller.
    Please keep the posts coming - I looooooove reading them!!!
    P.S. Really love the photo at the top - where is it and did you take it?