Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Switzerland: home swiss home

Just in case you wondered if I did anything else in Switzerland besides getting on a train.

Actually, many trains.
I felt quite spoilt on this visit because I got to do pretty much everything that I loved doing.

Eat fondue. Twice.
Bake Swiss bread.
Limousine ride around the lake of Zurich.
Ski (x 2 days) - 2nd run.not a good idea. (PS. I DON'T love skiing - this was a trick)
Wednesday Train Station Markets (Probieren?).
Chocolate muesli.
Drive like absolute craziness to catch a train. Why run when you can drive? [not in the limo :)]
Lindt shop!!
Feather duvets.
Aelpler Macaroni
Dr Manu party
India replay: the dosa
India replay: the breakfast
Splendid walks.
Freitag shop.

(I feel like a lot of this list has to do with food :S)

But the best bits was getting to catch up with so many good people - such a treat! It was truly amazing. I got to stay with Nick&Nat, Manu&Lia and the Swiss fam which was so lovely, and made it rather hard to leave to come home.

the Swiss girlies

...Summer is coming...

"A decent celebration"

On a side note, me and Notre Dame were reunited on my way out of Europa. Speaking of food, I ate crepes and chocolate croissants while in Paris.


  1. it's almost becoming cliched now, but seriously, too much happy?

    incidentally, I love how your face is just peeking out from your jacket in that jumping pic.

  2. Yes, yes Kylie. But did you ride around in the back of the limo whilst eating fondue??? I would have been impressed then. Now it's kind of a meh story.

  3. Kylie, so fun to catch up on your blog tonight. I hadn't stopped in for a while, but it's always a treat when I do! I enjoy your funny tales about your travels!

  4. Hey Kylie!
    I love the post. I didn't know you had a new blog. I will be following it!
    Izi : )

  5. I am severely jealous that you got to go back to CH for a visit. At the end of next month it will a be a year that we've been gone. Miss it lots...