Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Tuesday

Happy Factors About Today.

Mum & Dad. My Mum and Dad have been married 25 years today. Yay for them!

Lizards. I took my books to the beach for a little while this morning on my way to uni. The sunshiney beach won the contest against the uni library. I was surrounded my lizards. Big ones. Big ones that kept running past me on their hind legs. hil-ar-eeeeous! (I may just have been feeling happy about the sunshine...lizards don't normally make me laugh...)

Hills. This kid was playing with his dad whilst I was studying at the beach today. Lesson learnt: once you run the kid's scooter once up the hill for him....he'll want it again. and again. and again. hil-ar-eeeeous! (again, the sunshine probably played a part in the happiness factor....)

Advertising Lectures. There are some very clever advertisers out there! Toyota Country Ad.

Bus drivers. I had to run for the bus today (well, walk rather quickly). Which brought back some out-of-breath memories. But tonight on the way home I had to laugh when our bus driver was surprised to see a friend as he was driving by and then had a bit of a swerve. Awkward.

George Clooney. I had a presentation at uni today...about (my love for) Nespresso. I included pictures of George Clooney to prove my case. Thank you, George. You helped me get a HD :)

New friends. Glad to join SCUF today and make some new friends at uni :)

CALL+RESPONSE. Did I mention I was organising a screening? Well, yep, I am. Had some helpful tips for running it today from a university staff member today. Deep gratitude.

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