Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Line that I was born above

Live Below The Line - An Interesting Little Journey - Part 2

Day 3 is over and I have survived 3 days of living on $2 a day. Well, foodwise anyway.

In the last 3 days, I think I've been more aware of all the things I use/do that cost a lot. Well, a lot in comparison to $2 for all food all day. Everything from fuel to my facewash to the coffee that I can't have this week from the uni cafes. My coffees at uni cost $4.30 - and that's not even a large cup! That's twice what I'm living on for food! Twice what 1.4 billion people in the world survive on for their every need every day. And not just as an experiment for a week- that's their life!

It's hard to get my head's not just about the lack of choice for food or the lack of the tastes that I really enjoy. It's also appreciating and understanding that it's hard to concentrate when you're hungry. It's much harder to function at basic life tasks when you're thinking about your next meal and it just affects a large part of life. So if that is your life, then life if harder and affects more than just meal times.

It's good to be reminded of a much bigger picture and a much bigger world. That I was born above a line that 1.4 billion people today were born under. Even if I'm not *enjoying* this experience, I'm grateful for the reminder. Also grateful for .39c jelly I got stuck into tonight.


  1. Have I mentioned recently Kylie, that I think you are awesome. Hope it was raspberry rocket jelly and not Port Wine (hahahahahahhahaha)

  2. Good on you luv! Thanks for