Wednesday, February 8, 2012

7 Ways to Impress a 7-year-old...

How to impress a 7-year-old

-Play Snap.  Have hands which snap at the speed of sound.  "You're so fast.  You're so good." (I may have got so carried away with winning this game that I cut her hand with my fingernail).

-Make Cauliflower Soup.  Yes, I know it sounds dubious (it's not - it's really good and it's made in 10 minutes!).  However: "This soup is my best soup.  Of all soups, this is my bestest best."

-Make Sock Puppets.  "Wow.  You have such good ideas.  You always have such good ideas!"

-Mend the hole in her stockings.  "What?!  I cannot see the hole anymore.  You are so good at this."

-Fix the broken DVD player.  Open a hard-to-open door.  Sharpen all the pencils.  

So, as you can see, it's not so difficult, and it's kind of like having your own little fan club following you around all the time.
In other news, it's still cold. 

My favourite swimming spot - covered in snow!

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