Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Warning: This blog has a slightly cheerful note

Too many good things are happening to keep up with them all on this blog.  I know, I know, a First World problem if there ever was one.

Today it was a beautiful 10°, I didn't need a jacket, and I went swimming! (Indoor, but whatevs).
I also got to talk to my Mum (hey Mum!), my sister for a slight minute (hey Em!) and a beautiful friend (hey Kiri!) who will hopefully be over here before she knows it.  I got my last remaining mark for last semester, and hello HD!  I made delicious berry smoothies, an apple raspberry pie/crumble (yum! - you wish you were there) and a pretty good Butter Chicken.  I was also the favourite Au Pair of the minute by making Crepes for supper (a pretty big award).  There was a spectacular sunset, discussions of summer holiday plans and a wonderful time playing guitar and singing with the girls after supper (after, not for). 

I think the sun being out created a day like the moment when your favourite song comes on the radio. (Today, however,  although I changed the station a bazillion times, people kept speaking in Swiss German...give me a song!!)

As visual proof of a beautiful day, I offer this photo.  A, doing her homework, had just said, "I never want this smoothie to end."

Which is pretty much the same as wishing for a never ending packet of Tim Tams...   


  1. Hi beautiful friend Kylie...that smoothie does look pretty delicious btw. ;)