Monday, November 8, 2010

Cinderella: A Grumpy Teenage Stepdaughter.

On the home stretch now. 2 weeks left of uni and then completo! (not a real word)
Unfortunately this last 2 weeks involves self-motivated study. Exams. Not my forte.

I feel like I've found my feet at uni mostly now. Or at least, I've found my feet walking to the cafe for regular coffee consumption. Trying to find a good balance of being involved in happenings around campus. Trying to break out of myself and live with courage.

CALL+RESPONSE went really well. Have I not blogged since then!? Had an amazing response, 10x more people than we hoped for and I'm thinking of ways to continue this good story into the next semester. Would be good to find people who are keen to be involved and join forces.

I'm loving Donald Miller's thoughts in A Million Miles. Don't even have my copy currently, its on loan, but his encouragement to live a good story follows me around. I shared this with a few friends last night and Don, you probably should start giving me a percentage of sales. I can sell this book to anyone.

In particular, I was thinking that in order to live a good story, the character must overcome conflict to reach his goals. In any movie we root for the main guy because we think his cause is worth it. Because something about his goals was attractive to us.

Or as I read in a completely unrelated book today:
A fairy story about two slightly plain sisters and a mildly menopausal stepmother trying to do the right thing toward her grumpy teenage stepdaughter wouldn't have worked. Hence, Cinderella is reduced to good and evil, selfish versus selfless, beauty versus ugliness.

I want to chase things that are worth it. To have goals that are attractive. Part of something bigger.

So I set a new (short-term) cause/goal/adventure. A climax to the current chapter? Plans for India in Jan/Feb. Gotta use that backpack again. Stretch my itchy feet. Help them last another year walking that uni cafe route. (I have secret plans for Europe again in a year. Sssh.)

But first, got to survive exams. I learnt (and promptly forgot) the German word for the 'home stretch' & 'sprint at the end of a race' etc yesterday. I have the memory of a goldfish.
Anyway, I'd like to use that word now to describe the next couple of weeks.
But my goldfish ate it. I'll have to get back to you on that one.

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  1. good luck on your exams, Kylie!! and good thoughts in the post. Thanks.