Friday, November 19, 2010


Done and dusted.
Last exam tonight and I'm finished uni for 3 months. 1 semester down, 7 to go. Eee, don't think about it like that.

I did spend a portion of this exam writing about how suave Daniel Craig was in the last Bond movie. And yes, I did use the word suave. You may wonder how applicable that is to an advertising exam but I used his suaveness as proof that everyone will want to buy an Omega watch. James Bond now wears Omega, in case you were wondering.

Rolex is out. Omega is in.

Best part of the day? Walking out of the exam and coming across the QLD transport guy giving out travel cards worth $10 each.
He was pretty excited by my excitement and gave me an extra one when he found out I took the bus.
Train? Yep, another card.
Ferry? Well, no. The closest ferry is in Brisbane, but I told him I wish I could take the Ferry. Voila! An extra extra extra card. Grand Total $40.

He asked what I was up to in my spare 3 months. I said India. He was surprisingly quite excited and animated because he's really into a specific Yoga practiced in Southern India.
When I was leaving he spoke in another language. My extent is some German and French and English. It wasn't any those. When I asked him, he said that he'd wished me peace. A special yoga peace greeting.
I also wished him peace. It was just peace from another source.
Perfect Peace.

About to book that flight to India. Any day now. Have an appointment with a vaccination doctor this week. I might even get my act together and send my visa application away. Since I've had such good visa luck in the past.

Happy happy holidays.
I wish you perfect peace.

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