Saturday, November 20, 2010

don't cha love it when...

Before I even went to Switzerland, I made a list of 4 things I was looking forward to about Europe in a completely unrelated list. I had no idea what Switzerland was like, so these were just things I frivolously decided.
(FYI: I was quite enamoured with Mamma Mia at the time....)

4 things I'm really looking forward to about Europe: 1.) seeing the Mamma Mia stage production 2.) seeing the Greek Island where they filmed Mamma Mia 3.) Going on a Sound of Music tour 4.)Visiting the house of Corrie Ten Boom is Holland.

Don't you love it when sometime later you look back and realise sometimes even frivolous dreams come true? I got to do each of those of them even twice! :)

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