Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dear Sasha

Dear Sasha.

I know you remember my name. You asked me at least 10 times and we only sat together for 20 minutes at the most. It's just a little awkward for me and everyone in the vicinity to hear me repeat my name so much.

I know you're only 3 or so, but that's no excuse for telling me repeatedly about your broken truck (it only does one broooooom), all your holiday plans and giving away all your family secrets. Your parents were right there! It was just a little bit awkwardly strange.
(At what stage was I supposed to hush you and steer you away from private family details?)

And really, I think it's great that you're "going on an airplane yewwww!". Really, I do. However, it's not cool to hit the front of vending machines and throw a tantrum when your mother says no to the treats behind the glass.

If you're not careful, your parents might accidentally leave you behind at the airport next time. I didn't know how to politely refuse when they tried to give you away to me today. Please stop "being ever so trying *sigh*" as your mother put it.

Before I go, I'd like to give you a final piece of wisdom for life. It stretches before you like an open road and the world is your oyster.
However, life will not be kind to you if you ever, ever put the family flight boarding passes inside a vending machine again. This is neither good for a vending machine (surgical procedures do not do it kindly) nor for your parent's nerves.

Good luck, Sasha. Please pass my regards on to your parents.

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