Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kolkata: Seeti of Joy

The letters and numbers of the keyboard are painted on. I'm paying 10 cents for an hour of internet usage (the sign on the wall says 'not negotiable - no bargaining plz.'
I'm not sure about the chicken Jasmin ate for lunch, however the naans I had were so good I had two.
I don't think I'm quite as shocked as I was a few days ago. I can now walk the streets with less fear of being hit by any passing taxi, bus, rickshaw, bicycle, motorbike, auto rickshaw or cow.
My ears will never be the same after all constant ringing of horns, but I'm enjoying the 4am prayers that are sang across the city.
My nose and throat may take weeks to recover from the smog that hangs in the air, and I'm thus inhaling but the food is too good to even relate.
A motorbike tour around the city yesterday was the funnest thing yet. My rear is a little sore today. I'm sure we nearly died many times, thankfully all I had to do was close my eyes and hold on.
There is such a beautiful grace to be found amongst the sisters at the Motherhouse. I can't even put it into words. They let us join in with their prayers and mass and welcome us into their space. They are kind enough to include us in their tasks and to patiently show us how things are to be done in Shishu Bhaven, the home for children we have spent a couple of days in.
I was humbled by a visit to the Missionaries of Charity Leprosy Mission this morning - they keep such a pride in their center and home and it seems to be run self-sufficiently and they also make items that are needed and used at the other homes of the Missionaries of Charity.
I feel so blessed to be here - also not to have not fallen prey to the India stomach bug yet. May it stay that way.
2 more days in Kolkata - the Seeti (this means horn in Hindi - and it there are more than enough here!) of Joy.

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